About Pacific Collegiate School

  The Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) welcomes parents working together to support our students and the school. The PVA partners with PCS to coordinate volunteer efforts and fund-raise supporting the school community.

PCS operates with a minimum of staff and spends its precious funds on academics to the greatest extent possible. This means that a variety of support and facilities items are minimally funded, with the expectation that parents will make up the difference. The truth is, without parent work, the school would fail.

This is why the parent participation requirement is a part of the school's charter, and why every parent must sign a commitment to perform a minimum of 40 hours of service work each year that their son or daughter is enrolled at PCS.

For the great majority of existing and prospective PCS parents, the fact that their energy is needed and their enthusiasm appreciated, is great news. We want to make the process efficient, well-communicated, and reliable, so that every parent can find work to do and be sure that his or her reported hours are received, properly tallied, and never lost.

Whether you are a new PCS parent or are back for another year, heres what you do to get started:

  • Jump In to as many volunteer opportunities and activities
  • Attend PVA meetings to get connected and make your voice heard.
  • Have fun, help improve our community, and gain a lot in the process.
Please visit the PVA or PCS webpages for more information about current events.