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PCS Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) Volunteer Central

Welcome to PCS Volunteer Central. This system is where we track volunteer hours, provide you a way to locate potential events and activities to volunteer with, give you contact information for event coordinators, and provide the PVA with a way to match volunteer interests to events and activities. 

Please record your volunteer hours for the 2013-2014 school year on the Events/Log Hours Tab after you sign in.

Your participation as a parent volunteer is essential to the success of Pacific Collegiate School. This is why we ask all families to volunteer at least 40 hours each year they have children enrolled at PCS. Thank you for registering and for all of your volunteer efforts!

You need to know:

  • If you created an account in a previous year, Thank You! You can continue to log your hours through that account for the entire time your student(s) are at PCS. 
  • If you are new to PCS, or need to create an account, Welcome! Follow this link, or  follow the link under "New PTO Manager User?" on the right side of this page, in order to find events and activities to participate in, and to log your hours.
  • If there is something you have a passion for or want to offer your expertise in that is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact PVA leadership or our system administrator.
  • The system is updated throughout the year, and while the intent is to provide broad categories for volunteer activities, the PVA wants to hear from you if you have feedback about the Volunteer Central System. Thanks!